We have reached a milestone we now have 100 reviews on TripAdvisor.

We wish to thank all of our previous guests who have taken to time to rate us on TripAdvisor. Not only has this meant that we have reached the milestone of 100 reviews we have moved up a massive 20 places from when we took over Avonlea a year ago.  We are now 13th out of a possible 90 B&B’s in Stratford Upon Avon which is a great achievement in just a year.

Also last week we were honoured to be mentioned in Vanishing Points “Globetrotter Postcards” blog. Why not see what she has to say about Avonlea B&B and also visiting Stratford Upon Avon in general.

We really love to hear everyone’s feedback about their stay at Avonlea so we know what we are doing right and any future improvements that can be made to make your stay in Stratford even better.

The Chef’s Dozen an Amazing restaurant just 20 mins drive from Avonlea B&B and worth the trip.

When we first decided to recommend restaurants to our guests we decided that they would have to be within walking distance from Avonlea. However we were so blown by the Chef’s Dozen we have decided to add it to our list.

I have wanted to go to the Chefs Dozen for ages now, it had been recommended by a friend and after seeing their website and reviews I got very excited. We finally got the opportunity to go and I was hoping that it would live up to the high expectations that I had set for it.

All I can say it that it didn’t only meet expectations it dramatically exceeded them. We walked in and were warmly welcomed by the front of house half of the 2 person owner/partner team (Solanche) the other half being the Chef (Richard). Many times I have been to restaurants where a chef had decided to set up on their own have their partner working out front and it just does not work because the partner does not have the knowledge to run front of house. It was quickly apparent that this was not the case as we guided through the unique menu and offered some fantastic wine that had been personally chosen by her.

We decided to go for the 5 course option as this was the best way we could get to try every dish on the menu by sharing everything between us. The idea is a sort of build your own tasting menu from any of the 12 dishes on offer.

Now down to the food we were firstly presented with a pre appetiser that was a curried parsnip ice-cream, we all instantly knew we were in for a treat. From then on every course was faultless even dishes we were slightly unsure about when reading the menu surprised us and were fantastic. My favourite dish was Brill with lovely crispy skin and a lovely zesty lemon a perfect marriage. Another awesome dish was the Shropshire chicken with wild garlic and candid walnuts that were just sublime.

We were sat finishing our meal deciding exactly where in our “best ever meal list” the Chefs dozen would rank the only this we could agree on it that with would be in our top 5. We love to dine out and we have eaten a many Michelin 1 star and even 2 star restaurants (and one 3 star for myself) and we have even worked for Michelin star restaurant so to be in our top 5 is something special.

I truly believe that the Michelin man will be knocking on the door of the chefs dozen very soon. Part of me does want him not to find them in this sleepy Warwickshire backwater just so that I can get a table but I think with cooking as fine as this very soon they will have many accolades from not only Michelin but AA and Hardens and I will have to start to plan well in advance when we want to go back again.

Olympic news from Stratford Upon Avon (NOT Stratford east London)What’s been happening happening near Avonlea B&B

At the beginning of the month the Olympic torch went right past the door of Avonlea. In the centre of town the crowds were out in force and some people were 10 deep trying to get a view. We thought with all the other Bed & Breakfasts on our road it would be hard to get a space too. But fortunately we managed to get a great spot right outside the front of the B&B.

There was a great atmosphere and all of our family who came to visit for the occasion had a really great day. It really made us realise the countdown is on. The next big Olympic event in Stratford Upon Avon is the installation of the big screen in Bancroft Gardens just a 5 min walk from Avonlea. The screen will be up on the 27th of July to celebrate the opening ceremony and they will be a part in Bancroft gardens too. If the weather finally decides to surprise us with “summer” we are looking forward to a great atmosphere.


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