A risk assessment has been completed and we have implemented a number of measures to reduce the risk of infection and keep both our guests and ourselves safe. Thank you for taking the time to read the below summary of the risk assessment; this should enable you to feel comfortable about visiting us at this difficult time for everyone.

While much of the emphasis is on us, with more rigorous cleaning on top of our normal excellent hygiene standards, and although we do not like too many rules as you are with us to relax, there are a few things that we will need you to do to help us keep you and others safe.

We will review this information regularly and may have to make changes prior to your stay.

Measures we have taken:

  • Invested in a range of sanitisers and antiviral sprays to make sure all areas of guest rooms are cleaned effectively
  • We will wash and or sanitise our hands regularly
  • Key touch points to be cleaned throughout the day in public areas
  • Hand sanItiser to be placed at the entrance to the property and the breakfast room
  • Limit the number of people in the breakfast room to 4 tables at once
  • Offer a light, in-room breakfast option
  • We will wear PPE including face coverings when we are interacting with guests and cleaning rooms
  • We will maintain social distancing wherever possible
  • Laundry is sent out to be washed in line with government guidelines
  • Soft furnishings in the rooms will be sanitised, quarantined or removed when necessary
  • Headboards etc. will be treated with an anti-viral spray
  • We will put guests into rooms that have not been used the night before where possible
  • Guest information folders will be removed from rooms as will the leaflet stand from the hall

What we ask of you:

  • To fill out our COVID-19 health questionnaire when it is sent to you 1 day prior to arrival
  • Wear a mask in all public areas apart from when eating breakfast
  • On arrival we will check your temperature to ensure you do not have a fever
  • Early check-in and late check-out will not be possible
  • To lessen the risk of cross-contamination we would prefer not to carry your bag to the room unless you do need assistance
  • Please do not be offended if we wear gloves
  • Please sanitise your hands every time you enter or exit the property and when coming down for breakfast
  • We will have timed breakfast slots to enable us to space out the room if we are full. We may have to advise you what time is left available when you check-in and request you stick to that time
  • If the breakfast time is not suitable to you we can provide a lighter option to be taken in your room (we are unable to offer an English breakfast in rooms due to space, potential spillages and smells)
  • No buffet items will be available at breakfast, a limited selection will be served to you and please bear with us at busy times
  • We will not tidy rooms during a stay of longer than one night but if you require any amenities topping us please ask

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