Restaurant recommendations Stratford upon Avon

It seems this summer is the time for new businesses to open in Stratford. We have already had a number of new openings, many of which we have tried, and it looks like we have more on the horizon in the coming weeks so we thought we would give you a tase of what we have seen so far.

Beaumont Patisserie

At the bottom of Sheep Street, near the Swan Fountain, you will find this lovely little patisserie. They offer some fantastic, sweet treats – we particularly liked their lemon meringue pie. Check out their Facebook page but be ready to salivate.

The Officer’s Mess

Located next to Fourteas and owned by the same people, this 1940s cocktail bar offers a selection of interesting cocktails and some sharing platters. They also provide entertainment at the weekend.


Based in Bell Court, Ur5 is a juice & salad bar we haven’t ventured in yet; some might say it’s a bit heathy for us!


Based on Alice in Wonderland and themed to incorporate some of the amazing characters, lights, sound and fun that make Alice in Wonderland so magical. Opened by a friend of ours as a surprise for his 9-year-old daughter (lucky girl!), they sell lovely ice cream, Italian gelato, and plenty of other sweet treats.

They are also set to open Wonderland by Night, an adult offering of champagne & cocktails with background music, still using the all the elements of the daytime. After enjoying their ice-cream, we are looking forward to the evening’s launching.

Café Cocktail

Located near Rother Street Market, this is another place we haven’t tried but plan to later this week. Their menu looks nice, and friends say it’s worth visiting to try their cocktails, craft beer and sharing boards.

Corte Campana

Another new opening in Bell Court. Corte Campana only opened 6 days ago, and we have been twice already and plan to go back later this week. I think that sums it up really. The sell Neapolitan pizza baked in a traditional wood-fired oven.


The final opening in Bell Court is York’s; they already have a café on High Street but this time they are venturing into all day dining, craft beer and cocktails. We have only had drinks so far and have to say we have really enjoyed them and plan to go again after our pizza with friends later this week.

Upstairs @ Shakespeare’s Distillery

Now we have been big fans of Shakespeare’s Distillery since we were lucky enough to get a bottle of their first batch back in 2015. Since then, they have grown, moved venues and added new gins and spirits to their range, we are particular fans of the Mulberry Gin and their Limoncello. They also have a gin school where you can make your own gin which we have done and really enjoyed.

The next thing they have coming is Rum School and this will be based above their town centre shop rather than their distillery and we believe they will be taking bookings for it very soon.

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