Back in March, we were just getting ready for a holiday in Gran Canaria but just a few days before we realised that we didn’t want to travel. We were unsure what to do, and then about a week or so later we were told we could not travel.

With a mix of relief that we would now be getting our money back for the holiday and a little worry about the future, lockdown was soon upon us. I will be honest in saying the first few weeks we took a complete break from anything to do with Avonlea as we knew we had plenty of time and we both really need a deadline to work to.

During these first few weeks, we concentrated on helping others locally who have been isolating and unable to leave the house. Doing this was as helpful to us as it was to them, we enjoyed an excuse to get out the house and do something useful for someone else, as we have both always worked in hospitality we are always happier looking after others.

We started going for early morning walks with the dogs and enjoying Stratford-upon-Avon’s springtime beauty. Normally at this time of year, we do not have time to appreciate this so it was nice. We also enjoyed getting to meet more of our neighbours during the clap for NHS and key workers on a Thursday night. We are humbled and grateful to everyone who has put their life on their line to help out during this terrible time. A couple of weeks into the clapping we decided to start dressing up to make the neighbours smile, which it certainly did! Here are some pictures for those of you who have not seen them already.

Rob and Clare at Avonlea BnBAvonlea BnB Statford upon AvonRob and Clare at Stratford Bed and Breakfast

Although Clare had commandeered room one as her crafting room to give us a little more space, after a little while we realised that our holiday in our favourite Bed and Breakfast in Stratford-upon-Avon could not last forever and we needed to do some work.

Clare has done a fantastic job on the touch up decorating in the B&B; we have been here nine years as of next week and we still have not found the time to decorate our private accommodation!

During this time I have spent many hours researching the protocols we needed to put in place to help us keep ourselves and more importantly our customers safe. I won’t bore you all with everything I have learned as that is one very deep rabbit hole but I can assure you we are confident that when we re-open on the 1st August we will have all the procedures in place to keep you safe. This is backed up by our ‘We’re good to go’ COVID-19 certificate that has been awarded to us by VisitEngland, our national tourism organisation. If you would like to see our policy, please click here.

You may ask why we are waiting until the 1st August. The main reason is we wanted to ensure that we have everything in place and do not rush the re-opening just for a few extra bookings. Also, we have decided to have a short break away ourselves, so we are having 3 nights away in a self-catering property in the UK because 2020 (and hopefully 2021) is the year of the staycation in the UK!

We are looking forward to recharging our batteries ready to welcome lots of wonderful guests for the summer season.

Until recently, understandably, bookings have been down for the rest of the year so we are running a couple of special offers to entice people back to Stratford.  For stays of two nights, you will receive 10% off our standard rate and for stays of 3 or more nights, you will receive 20% off our standard rate. This is available for most dates in 2020 and for new bookings only. We hope you understand with four months closed we are not in a position to discount previously made bookings sorry.

If you would like to book and discuss any of our new policies please feel free to give us a call on 01789 205940 or you can book directly on our website via this link to ensure you get the best rates.

I have also recently made a commitment to myself to get out and take more pictures, which I love to do and I will be sharing them across all of our social media pages but mainly on our Instagram page. I will be sharing lots of beautiful sights around Stratford and many of our wonderful attractions, shop and restaurants. I might even share the odd picture of our holiday.

Rob and Clare at Avonlea BnB Stratford upon Avon

We look forward to welcoming many of you soon.

Rob and, of course, Clare

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